What is BANG?

Freedom BANG™ is an urban-inspired mixed fitness group exercise class with elements of boxing, cardio, dance, HIIT training and some serious attitude.

Named for the signature “5-4-3-2-BANG!” group countdown during the peak song of the class, Freedom BANG is a unique fusion of boxing, cardio, HIIT, hip-hop, world dance, and body weight training in a pre-choreographed class that changes every 3 months to keep things fresh.

Three levels of intensity means Freedom BANG is for anyone who just wants to move, sweat and have fun. Any age, any body shape, any fitness level. 

The Freedom BANG workout can be enhanced with optional 1/2 lb. weighted gloves.

Choreographed to current hits and our own licensed music produced by our in-house producer DJ Freedom — Freedom BANG will inspire you to get fierce and move!