2015 Super Bears 5K Shuffle

On Thursday September 10th my husband and I had a date night of running the “Super Bears 5K Shuffle”.  Now I know that I teach a lot of cardio classes and ran track back in High School, but running is not my thing, but I still was excited for this race.  My husband runs all the time so I made him promise not to leave me, I mean this was our date night so he better stick with me.  LOL.

What made me sign us up for this race was it was about the Chicago Bears and held at Soldier Field.  I also like that it had obstacles (which could have been a little better in my opinion) along the way so it wasn’t just all running!  With your registration you received a performance Bears 5K shirt, a finishers medal and game day like atmosphere.

Overall we enjoyed ourselves and will be doing it again next year and may bring the kiddies out if they change it to a Friday or Saturday!

IMG_2053Walking into Solider Field

IMG_2054The Husband is ready

IMG_2058On our way

IMG_2061Lining up to start

IMG_2055Him and I

IMG_2094  #22 Matt Forte


Bear Down! Our times were 35:39 and 35:41